sapa dop tengok tah?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Make Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, or dreads, are a cool hairstyle for some, and a spiritual pursuit or political statement for others. If you have the right kind of hair, these steps will put a new twist into your locks. Just remember to be patient with your new locks, it takes months for them to mature into solid dreads, sometimes even a year. It's worth the wait, though.


  • 1
    Consider that dreadlocks work best on those with curly or very kinky hair. If you have thin, straight or wavy hair, you may want to give yourself a home perm with very thin rods. The perm will impart the needed texture.

  • 2
    Stop using conditioner a week to 10 days before you begin the process.

  • 3
    Mix about 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 1 quart water. Rinse your hair with this vinegar-and-water solution the day you plan to start making your dreadlocks. This solution will remove any residue or buildup that may impede the process. You can also buy a residue-free shampoo and wash your hair with.

  • 4
    Begin with dry hair. Take a portion of hair about 1 inch square at the roots. Twist the hair tightly.

  • 5
    Pin the rest of your hair back with hair clips or put it in a rubber band so you can concentrate on one portion at a time. Back comb the section of twisted hair, beginning at the root and moving to the ends and then back to the scalp again. People with a great deal of texture in their hair might find that their hair stays in that tangled position after twisting and some combing, while those with less texture will have to comb quite a bit.

  • 6
    Add a dab of dreadlock styling wax, beeswax or pomade to each section after combing, then re-twist it. Wax will mold your dreads and help each lock stay twisted.

  • 7
    Secure the end of each dread with a rubber band, leaving some hair poking out. This step holds the twist and eventually gives your dreadlocks rounded ends. Complete the twisting process over your entire head.

  • 8
    Depending on your lifestyle or time frame, you might twist a few portions a day or your entire head in one sitting. Enlist the help of friends to create dreadlocks in the hair on the back of your head.

  • 9
    Twist, comb and wax on a regular basis to get your dreads to hold their shape. Remember that this hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance, so work on it while you watch TV, while you listen to music or whenever you find a free moment.